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Absolutely amazing massage therapist. Tara is very good at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone. I am a personal trainer and workout 6 days a week and never realized what my body should actually feel like until I started to see her. Makes me feel amazing after every visit and finds all of my aches and pains without me having to tell her anything.



I've been a regular for over 3 years. Tara & April do a great job & ARE skilled, caring therapists. The environment is calming, the staff are personable & thorough, the online booking is SO convenient, the location is central, they are open on weekends .... and I feel terrific after each visit. I have referred numerous friends and family over the years & they are still happy clients. If you are looking for a good massage, just once or on a regular basis, this is your spot.
-Angela F


"Tara is truly an artist at massage therapy. I have never been so relaxed in my life after her massage. Thank you so much for what you do! Many, many blessings to this small business #iwillshoplocal " - via Facebook




"A deep tissue massage when done by a professional is where it's at y'all !! I'm posting a link to my friends own massage business. Located in kernersville, NC. I never leave there the same as when I walk in. The physical benefits of pain relief from overworked muscles or things out of alignment are worth every dollar spent and minute spent with her. I don't have to take medicine I just have to go see her once in a while. Now I am not anti-medicine some medicines are necessary, but I'm not popping a pain pill for joint issues or muscle issues and she has played a part in my pain relief. Let her give your body some relief, give it a whirl and tell her I sent ya!" via Facebook 




Home from my day of pampering...
I had THEE MOST AMAZING Hot stone massage,and foot scrub! Ugh.. the oils were decadent! The atmosphere was fabulous! Bubbling Brook sounds...Hot towels... Did I mention the oils?...
Crown On... Feeling refreshed. Ready for finals!
You should schedule an appointment, you won't be disappointed.



Everything was PERFECT! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Tara is AWESOME! Highly recommended!



Tara is a lifeSAVER! I have suffered with migraines for almost 3 years. I have been on several, numerous medications. I have tried so many things...changed my diet...EVEN shots of botox in my head! That was SO painful! & it only lasted 3 days! I have known Tara for 10 plus years, and I decided to try massage therapy in addition to the medications, and I have been migraine FREE since September 2014! I see her as often as I can, usually every 2 weeks. I would pay WHATEVER she asked! But her prices are affordable, especially her Wellness plan. Please seek her out if you need help with migrianes/headaches. Its worth it to let your body relax and heal. 

-Marion L. 


I went yesterday for a 90 minute massage for the first time at Iheart. I have to say that was the best massage that I have ever had. Tara was very professional. She set my expectations that I need to speak up if I want the pressure softer or harder and that it would not in any way bother her. The studio was decorated and set up with a warming welcoming feeling and a pleasant smell that was calming. Tara was very catering to my requests. She added a number of extra touches to the massage that I have never experienced before. She had lots of hot towels, knee rest, ankle rest, eye cover, and essential oils with a wonderful relaxing smell. I have already booked my next appt.

-Shane S. 


Visiting Tara's business was a first ever in my life for a massage due to migraine and neck associated pain. I've known her and worked with her for many years and my trust factor was extremely high. I experienced her care, compassion and tender touch in relieving my distressful pain. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and laughter filled. As long as I've known her, she has desired to assist "people" in some way. She has finally found her "niche"! Her prices are reasonable; but, more importantly, she offers a piece of herself in her therapy. She is very skilled in this profession. ANYONE needing or wanting to unwind or remedy a pain in their body needs to see HER! Thank you so much, Tara........ I've begun recommending you to so many people...I'll be back! Thank you again for helping me during one of my most painful times!!

--Angela W. 


I have told so many friends & coworkers about her care & the help she has given me with back pain, headaches and neck pain. It seems that I have been blessed in getting better and better massages with time. These are like no other massage that I have ever had -- she is the MUSCLE WHISPERER.  I swear, she somehow communicates with my body in a way that I've never experienced with any other massage therapist.

-Jody M.      


Today was my first visit, and I am one happy and relaxed client. She is very friendly yet soothing - quite easy to talk to. The room and accessories were not fancy but warm and welcoming in a immediately comforting way. But the key was a rocking massage where she found the perfect balance in kneading those pressure and target points. She listened 110% to what was working (and was not the least bit bothered when something wasn't - just corrected it and kept massaging away pain and trouble). I almost hate to tell all you how awesome she is as I was able to get a rather last minute appointment with her...well, I know I'll be back!

-Joyce S.    


I finally made it in to see Tara.  I had extremely high expectations as we both graduated from the same school and was not disappointed.  She used great pressure and I especially appreciated her focus on my indicated "problem area".  The change in the tissue is nothing short of amazing.   I HIGHLY recommend her!

-Heather S.  




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"Healing yourself is connected with healing others." - Yoko Ono